About Me

Hello! I'm Zhengming Wang and I am a rising junior undergraduate computer science student at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm also a passionate, driven software engineer who enjoys working in all areas of the field and solving challenging, complex problems.

In my free time I enjoy playing poker, ping pong, cooking and working out. I also love watching the New York Knicks and Pittsburgh Steelers.


These are some of the projects I have worked on in the past.


Milk is an imperative object-oriented scripting language that features a simpler syntax than traditional OOP languages, making it an a great choice for those new to coding.

Inspired by Bob Nystrom's book, Crafting Interpreters, the Milk Interpreter is built completely by Java.

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Weather Bot Logo


Weather Bot was a GroupMe chat bot that provided 300+ Pitt students with daily weather reports. Students would also receive current weather statuses if they typed "WeatherBot" in the chat.

Weather Bot was made with Python, GroupMe API, National Weather Service API. It was also my first exposure to http requests.

Pitt CSC Logo

Pitt Computer Science Club

Starting in 2019 I will be serving as the Interim Vice President/Events Chair for the Pitt Computer Science Club (CSC). As the largest Pitt CS student organization, we aim to provide those who are committed and passionate with resources like group project opportunities, company recruiting events, study nights, and talks from current and former Pitt CS students.

To learn more about our club, and if you are interested in being apart of our goal of pushing Pitt CS to the next level, check the link below!

Image of Kobuki Robot

Kobuki Robot

I worked on a Kobuki Robot in a project-only robotics class during the fall of my 2nd year. I worked on 5 complex, in-depth projects over the course of the semester.

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Image of Jane Street's Logo

Colonel Blotto Challenge

In the Spring of 2019, I was challenged by Jane Street Capital to submit an entry for the strategy game, Colonel Blotto.

My entry placed 21st against 336 Jane Street employee's entries and 1,000+ other student entries. As a result of my success, I was invited to Jane Street's SEE program. To learn about the program, check out my Resume section.

Learn about the game on my Github!

Mint's Logo

Mint Blogs

A failed attempt I had at making a blogging platform. I quickly lost interest in it and it became and afterthought. It, however, was my first time using Django, which I plan on further learning in the future.

Résume Timeline

This is my education and work experience timeline. All of my past work is explained here.

  Download My Résume

You can download my résume in PDF format if you would like.

    GitHub &

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  Programming Languages


MIPS Assembly
x86 Assembly

  Libraries & Frameworks

sci-kit Learn

React.js (Learning)


Crystal Reports


  CS and Relevant Coursework

Algorithm Implementation
Formal Methods
Mobile Robot Programming
Functional Programming (CMU course)

Discrete Structures
Data Structures
Computer Organization
Systems Software
Linear Algebra
Intro to Probability
  • Learning Research & Development Center

    NLP Research Fellow @ Facet Lab

    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Developing an Automatic Badge Giver (ABG) classification system that automatically rewards students who comment with help-giving behaviors across various platforms.
    • ABG is built on Python, NLTK, scikit-Learn, and Word2Vec and GloVe models.
    • Awarded the Curiosity Grant and work was selected as part of the SCI Summer Scholars Program.
  • Jane Street Capital

    SEE Fellow

    New York City, NY

    • One of 32 students to be selected from 2,000+ applicants (<1.5% acceptance rate).
    • Attended an all-expenses paid trip to Jane Street Headquarters to observe real-time trading and marketing.
    • Learned about financial market basics, probability, and arbitrage from Jane Street traders and employees.
  • Learning Research & Development Center

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Coded an Automatic Essay Scoring (AES) Model that achieved a 66% Quadratic Kappa score through NLP feature extraction and Machine Learning.
    • Built a Python NLP and Machine Learning pipeline that performs various Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques like Random Forest Classification and sentiment analysis.
    • Presented work to ~400 members of the University of Pittsburgh community.
  • Essential Medical, Inc.

    IT Intern

    Exton, PA

    • Implemented the company’s first technological solution, Visual Jobshop, which increased clean room to front office communication by 400%.
    • Created and designed 111 Crystal Reports used by management, manufacturing and accounting.
    • Worked on FDA audit preparation by making sure the ERP was implemented under proper FDA standards
  • University of Pittsburgh


    I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. I study computer science with minors/focus areas in various areas: Mathematics, Communications, Chinese and a few others if I have the motivation.

    I hold a 3.89/4.00 GPA. I have also made the Dean's List in all of my semesters at the university.

  • Great Valley High School


    I attended Great Valley High School in Malvern, PA where I graduated with a 3.7/4.00 GPA and was part of the top 25% of my class. I was also the Hurdle's Captain and Representative for the Honors Symphony Orchestra. My 110 High Hurdles time was 6 fastest all time for my school and I was Pennsylvania's first chair cellist in 2010.

    I didn't care too much about grades until junior year. Even then the results weren't great, but my hard work came to fruition once I got to college.